Friday, February 22, 2013

2013 Feb 21 Support meeting between Union Peace Committee and UNFC (Eng)

2013 Feb 21 Support Meeting Between Union Peace Committee and UNFC (Eng) by ftubinformationdep

Australian energy firm stakes claim in Myanmar

21 Feb 2013

Australian firm Raisama Energy announced on Thursday, February 21, 
that it is poised to enter the Myanmar market following the signing 
of a partnership agreement with local company Chinthe Energy Ltd.

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Rohingyas not ‘illegal immigrants’ in Myanmar, say Nobel laureates

21 Feb 2013

The charge that the Rohingya are illegal immigrants to Myanmar is false, 
say Jose Ramos-Horta and Muhammed Yunus, respectively 
the 1996 and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Japan finally gets on the Myanmar wave

21 Feb 2013

Look, Listen, Learn and Leave. These are the four L’s of the traditional Japanese 
business philosophy, but in Myanmar’s case, Japan has plans  
big infrastructure development plans that will soon see its pockets do the talking.

Thailand Losing out to China in Battle of the Burma Ports

21 Feb 2013

Thailand’s dream of acquiring a trade gateway to the Indian Ocean may be scuppered 
not because of lukewarm interest by Japanese investors but because
of Burmese and Chinese business interests.

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Billion-dollar Military Budget Irks MPS

21 Feb 2013

RANGOON Burmese opposition lawmakers have expressed dissatisfaction 
with a proposed budget that will give the country’s armed forces more than 
US $1 billion in funding in the coming fiscal year, and have criticized 
the lack of transparency in military spending.

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Rebels, Army Meet to Stem Violence in Northern Shan State

21 Feb 2013

The Shan State Army North (SSA-N) and the Burmese military fought escalating
 skirmishes in northern Shan State in the past few days, but a Shan rebel 
spokesman said an emergency meeting between regional rebel 
and government commanders had stemmed the violence.