Saturday, November 24, 2012

Police arrest four miners during march to Naypyidaw

23 Nov 2012

Four miners from Moehti Moemi gold mine in central Burma’s Yemathin township, 
who have been marching to Naypyidaw to protest a government order that closed 
their mines, were attacked by police and arrested today near Myohla town.

Suu Kyi Wants End To Imbalances

The opposition leader says economic growth is not a panacea for ending ethnic conflict.
Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Friday dismissed suggestions 
that anticipated economic progress in the country will resolve its longstanding 
ethnic conflict problem, saying priority should be given to reducing imbalances 
and inculcating mutual respect among communities.

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Rakhine refugees still need help

23 Nov 2012

Refugees from the Rakhine unrest continue to be in dire need of humanitarian 
assistance, said a social welfare organisation in Mrauk U township.

Authorities warn trespassers in Rakhine

23 Nov 2012

The Rakhine State government has warned against trespassing on houses and 
compounds which were destroyed or burned down in the sectarian violence 
that erupted in the area.
“We will take action [against violators] in accordance with the Development 
Affairs Law,” said Hla Thein, chief advocate the Rakhine state government, 
on November 19. 

Myanmar journalists commend Obama’s ‘freedom speech’

23 Nov 2012

Myanmar journalists applauded US President Barack Obama’s speech before 
civil society at the historic University of Yangon where he stressed the importance 
of media freedom. 
“Instead of being repressed, the right of people to assemble together must now 
be fully respected. Instead of being stifled, the veil of media censorship must 
continue to be lifted. As you take these steps, you can draw on your progress,” 
said Obama, the first sitting American president to visit the country, on November 19. 

Long delays in getting temporary passport hurting Burmese migrant workers

23 Nov 2012

Burmese migrant workers say delays of up to six months in processing their 
temporary passports so they can get a legal work permit to allow them to work 
in Thailand is causing them to be harassed by police.