Saturday, March 03, 2012

Burma to increase domestic airfares

2 March 2012
Officials at Kanbawza airline’s air ticket center in Rangoon said that the 
price of a Rangoon-Mandalay ticket is now 65,000 kyat (about US$ 82); 
the price will be increased to 77,000 kyat ($97).
The energy minister ordered a price increase on Jet Fuel A1 starting 
from March 1.  “We unexpectedly received the information so it’s 
inconvenient for our customers,” Hla Htay, an official with the 
Shanyoema travel agency, told Mizzima.  

Burmese arbitration court gives Tai Yi workers pay increase

2 March 2012
Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – A township labour arbitration court has ruled that 
striking workers at the Tai Yi footwear factory in an industrial district in 
Rangoon should receive a pay raise to a minimum 120 kyat (US$ 15 cents) 
per hour, amounting to a wage increase of about US$ 24 per month. 

Burmese Migrants in Malaysia Face Registration Woes

2 March 2012
While a controversial government amnesty program for illegal migrants 
in Malaysia is expected to run out next month, a similar scheme may 
soon affect  tens of thousands of Burmese refugees in the nation.

Tai Yi Strikers Receive Wage Hike from Arbitration Court

2 March 2012
The minimum wage of striking Tai Yi slipper factory workers in Rangoon's 
Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone (3) was set by the Trade Dispute 
Committee arbitration court on Thursday. The Mayangone Township court 
made their decision following two days of deliberations after originally 
hearing the case on Tuesday.

Protesters Demand End of Shwe Gas Pipeline

1 March 2012
CHIANG MAI, THAILAND — Dozens of protesters gathered outside 
the Chinese consulate on Thursday morning to demand an end to the 
controversial Shwe Gas pipeline though central Burma.
Activists chanted “no way no Shwe” and “CNPC out of Burma” while 
campaign leaders delivered an open letter to Burmese President 
Thein Sein that called for an end to the Beijing-backed project.