Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tens of thousands of acres demarcated for Dawei Special Economic Zone in Thanintharyi Region

As per the Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law and Dawei
Special Economic Zone Law the Republic of Union of Myanmar
Government has made an announcement of about 50,535.0233
acres (204.5088212 square kilometer) of land are demarcated
for Dawei Special Economic Zone in Daweil District of
Thanintharyi Region.


Low wages spark labor strikes in Myanmar

With lowest wages in the region, workers in factories 
established with foreign investment in Myanmar go on strike 
due to extremely low wages in 2012.
On 6 February, 1,863 workers from Taiyi Shoe Factory owned 
by an entrepreneur from Taiwan came out on strike in protest 
of the wage cut for Chinese New Year holidays, and demanded 
a wage hike and other benefits.

Thai Official Doubts DKBA Drug Allegations

14 May 2012
Col Therdsak Ngam-sanong, a spokesperson for Thailand’s Third Army, 
told The Bangkok Post on the weekend that his force has no information 
about Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) leader Maj-Gen Saw Lah Pwe’s 
alleged involvement in the drug trade.

Myanmar opens for business, India Inc treads cautiously

Myanmar is open for business, but not everyone is ready to dive 
in just yet.Foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country — 
one that is rich in resources but remains deeply impoverished — 
has grown over 100 times in the past few years. In 2010-11 alone, 
it soared to $20 billion from a much smaller $300 million

UNHCR officials to meet Myanmar refugees today

The situation over the presence of about 2,500 asylum seekers from 
Myanmar at the Sultan Garhi monument near Vasant Kunj remained 
volatile on Monday. After about 30-40 persons were moved away 
from in front of the 13th century Sultan Garhi monument on Sunday, 
no one was shifted on Monday.


Burma’s exiled activists consider returning home

During decades of political repression in Burma, many activists fled abroad, 
building lives in exile while working for democratic change. Despite Burma's 
political reforms over the past year, many remain reluctant to move back.

Indian workshop looks at Burma’s ethnic policy


 (Mizzima) – Northeast India has a strong interests in ethnic events 
in Burma, and Burmese ethnic groups in India should try to influence 
the India government’s “Look East” policy, Dr. Walter Fernandes, 
the chairman of the North Eastern Social Research Centre (NESRC), 
said last week at a conference in Delhi.