Wednesday, May 09, 2012

KNU puts human rights on ‘peace talks’ agenda

8 May 2012
The Karen National Union says human rights violations and military related 
issues will be discussed with the Burma government in the next round of
‘peace talks’ planned for later this month.

Sub-standard mining turning the poor into down-and-out: Lahu women

8 May 2012
Sub-standard procedures used by companies digging for platinum in 
Tachilek district, opposite Thailand’s Chiangrai province, has reduced 
more than 2,000 Akha, Lahu and Shan villagers there into high and 
dry conditions, according to Chiangmai-based 
Lahu Women Organization (LWO) today.

Burmese President Will Lead Peace Committee

8 May 2012
Burmese President Thein Sein is set to lead the reformed Union-level peace 
team which deals with ethnic armed groups in ceasefire negotiations.

Plans for Burma census continuing

(Mizzima) – Burma continues its preparations for conducting its nationwide 
population census in 2014, the first in 30 years.
Under an agreement with the United Nations, the Parliamentary Committee 
on Population and Social Development will coordinate the nationwide 
population survey.

Census risks marginalising Rohingya

8 May 2012
Burma’s landmark census planned for 2014 is likely to exclude and further 
isolate its Rohingya minority group, which has been denied citizenship 
by the government since 1982.

Armed group closes checkpoints as tensions flare

8 May 2012
The Democratic Karen Buddhist Army closed down Thai-Burma border 
checkpoints in eastern Karen State on Monday as tensions escalate 
between the group and Thai authorities.