Thursday, December 08, 2011

Campaign for 24-Hour Electricity Continues

7 December 2011
Thandwe: A youth group for 24-hour electricity in Arakan resumed its campaign
on Monday in two major towns in southern Arakan State, demanding electricity be
supplied throughout the state using gas being extracted from Arakan.

Thailand to fly in Burmese workers

7 December 2011
The void left in Thailand’s labour force by the nearly 200,000 migrants that fled 
the country to escape heavy flooding in recent months will be filled by thousands 
of Burmese currently being brought into the country.

Burmese account for more than half of those who have fled since October, when 
Thailand was hit by its worst flooding in more than half a century and close to 
10,000 factories, many of which employ cheap foreign labour, were inundated.