Saturday, February 11, 2012

Burmese Trade Unions Fail to Find a “Safe Place” to Organize

10 February 2012
Workers in Burma, also known as Myanmar, are well under way to building 
independent trade unions in multiple sectors. In Yangon (Rangoon), 
the capital, the Solidarity Center’s Tim Ryan spoke with union organizers 
about forming independent unions and the current government’s stated 
commitment to democratic reform. 

Strike Enters Fifth Day, Spreads to Other Factories

10  February 2012
After a full week without reaching a resolution, a strike that began on 
Monday at a shoe factory in an industrial estate in eastern Rangoon
has spread to two other factories, according to labor activists.

The strike started earlier this week after 1,800 workers at the
Chinese-owned Tai Yi Slipper factory in Hlaing Tharyar Industrial Zone (3) 
demanded payment of wages for an unofficial holiday to mark the
Chinese New Year in late January.

Water bills to rise in Rangoon

10 February 2012
Rangoon (Mizzima) – Water in Rangoon, already in short supply in some 
areas, is going to cost more starting April 1. The Rangoon City Development 
Committee announced on Thursday that water bills would increase from 25 
to 40 pya per gallon for non-commercial use. 

3,000 migrants join Mon National Day celebration in Phuket

10 February 2012
More than 3,000 Mon migrant workers joined in Mon National Day (MND)
celebrations on the Thai island of Phuket at Nar Gut Mountain, where the
‘Big Buddah’ statue is situated. The event was organized by Mon Unity 
League (MUL) and a local migrant workers’ organization.