Friday, November 30, 2012

Government revokes recent statement on Lapadaungtaung

29 Nov 2012

The government information team has just revoked the statement No 11/2012 
which was announced earlier this evening.
The following is the original statement announced at 4 pm today (November 29).
1. The Republic of the Union of Myanmar led by the President is trying to design 
a new modern democratic nation in accordance with the Constitution in collaboration 
with the people. In doing so, law, bylaws, rules and regulations are being enacted 
in various sectors for enabling democratic practices to flourish.

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Persons from various spheres view as ugly episode on the crackdown of sit-in protestors at copper mine

29 Nov 2012

On the holy and sacred day of the Buddhist, the full moon day of Tasaunmone, 
a violent and ugly event occurred as the security police force cracked down 
on the sit-in protestors at the camps in Letpantaungtaiung copper mine 
on November 29, which many prominent persons from various 
sphere expressed unacceptable.

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Food crisis strikes Chin State

29 Nov 2012

A storm that hit Chin State has stunted rice productions prompting a food shortage 
that is affecting many villages in Matupi and Thantlang townships.

Controversial Pyu Monograph Reading Ceremony to be cancelled

29 Nov 2012

Parliamentary Speaker Thura U Shwe Mann said the “Monograph Reading 
Ceremony of Pyu Tribe and Pyu Kingdom” scheduled for November 30 
would be cancelled during a consultation meeting last Sunday in Moulmein, 
the capital of Mon State.

Burma army artillery expert killed in Hpakant accident

29 Nov 2012

Several Burma army personnel died following a munitions accident at a military 
base in Kachin State's jade rich Hpakant district.

According to a source with close ties to the military, a Russian-trained artillery 
officer and three subordinates were killed on Nov. 21 at the Hpakant 
Military Strategy Command (MSC). The soldiers were attempting to fire a 105mm 
howitzer shell that exploded prematurely. At least four other soldiers are believed 
to have been injured by the explosion.

threaten Arakanese party

29 Nov 2012

The members of the Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) said local authorities 
have been threatening to eliminate their party accusing  them of fraud in 
their campaigns to extend their party memberships in Arakan State and Chin State.