Monday, January 02, 2012

Farmers Complain of Army Office Confiscating and Leasing Their Land to Foreign Company

31 December 2011
Kyauk Pru: Local farmers in Arakan State have recently lodged a written complaint 
with the central government because they have become landless after their arable 
land in Kyaukpru was secretly grabbed and leased to a foreign company by a
retired Burmese naval officer.

Gas prices unexpectedly rise 30 percent in Myanmar, raising fears of inflation on other goods

1 January 2012
YANGON, Myanmar — Gas prices unexpectedly rose more than 30 percent for
the new year in Myanmar and sparked fears of other goods costing more as well.
Motorists learned of the increase at the pump Sunday when prices increased from
2,500 kyat (3.15 dollars) to 3,350 kyat (4.2 dollars) per Imperial gallon (4.5 liters).