Thursday, July 12, 2012

Over 100 Students Protest in Kyaukpru

11 July 2012
Over 100 students from Goonshein high school in Kyaukpru
Township in Arakan State staged a protest Monday morning
in anger of damage to their school road that has been caused
by the Shwe Gas Project.

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US Poised to Allow Investment in Burma

WASHINGTON DC—The United States is poised to allow US 
companies to invest with Burma’s state oil and gas enterprise 
as the Obama administration takes its biggest step yet to roll 
back sanctions, marking a rare break from democracy 
icon Aung San Suu Kyi.

Rangoon Farmers Rue Lost Rice Paddies

More than 3,000 acres of paddy fields in Thone Kwa Township 
in southern Rangoon Division have been destroyed by flooding 
following heavy rains, say local farmers. Some 40 villages are affected, 
including Lattpan, Kan Myint and Taung Moe Kan Kwin.

In Pictures—China’s Dream of Burmese Gas

The controversial Shwe Gas pipeline project dissects Burma 
from the Bay of Bengal in western Arakan State through to 
the Chinese border in northeastern Shan State.

Burmese Protest Thai Takeover of Monastery

Around 150 Burmese residents of Chiang Mai protested on 
Monday against plans by Thailand’s Department of Religion 
(DOR) to hand over the Wat Sai Moon monastery to a Thai abbot.

US to Invest in Burma’s Oil

Americans are now allowed to pump investments into Burma’s
 contentious energy sector despite opposition warnings. 

Burma calls for investment in telecom sector

Burma fired the starting gun in the process of liberalising its 
communications networks in a move that could finally bring 
mobile and Internet access to the masses and drive 
international investment.