Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mon salt producers feel the pinch as prices fall

10 January 2012
Salt producers in Mon State say they are facing heavy financial losses this
year as salt prices plummet to below 50kyat a viss (a viss is equal to
about one and a half kilogram).

Burmese Abroad Welcome Tax Break, but More Reforms Needed

10 January 2012
BANGKOK — The decision by the Burmese government to end the practice 
of collecting income tax from migrant workers abroad has been welcomed by 
Burmese across Southeast Asia, but some say that more needs to be done
to make life easier for millions of Burmese working across the region.

Dawei Power Plant Canceled

10 January 2012
Burma's Minister of Electrical Power No. 2 Khin Maung Soe has announced 
that the construction of a 4,000 MW coal-fired power plant in the Dawei 
Special Economic Zone is to be canceled. The planned power plant was 
intended to supply electricity to a multi-billion dollar industrial zone under 
construction 20 km off the southern Burmese port of Dawei, also known 
as Tavoy, in Tenasserim Division.