Friday, April 27, 2012

Pilgrims at Kantkawtaw Pagoda Festival Troubled by Shwe Gas Project

26 April 2012
Many local pilgrims gathered at the festival of Kantkawtaw Pagoda 
in Kyaukpru in Arakan State from 17 April this year, but faced trouble 
with taking rest around the pagoda because the grounds are reportedly 
being used for keeping pipes from the Shwe Gas Project.

World Bank to open Myanmar office in June

26 Apri; 2012
WASHINGTON (AP) — The World Bank said Thursday it will open an office in 
Myanmar in June as re-engages with the impoverished nation two decades 
since its last projects ended there. The bank's regional vice-president for 
East Asia and the Pacific, Pamela Cox, said its experts will analyze 
the country's development needs and capacity to manage 
its budget and economy.

Ethnic association visits Japan to discuss aid, ceasefires

26 April 2012
Leaders from the United Nationalities Federal Council arrived in Japan 
yesterday to discuss Burma’s on-going peace process with Japanese 
lawmakers. The group will also be meeting with NGO concerning 
humanitarian aid in conflict zones.

Refugees call for official status

26 April 2012
About 100 settlers in Nupo refugee camp in western Thailand’s Tak province 
are demanding that they be given official status. The group protested their 
stateless condition in front of the United Nations High Commissioner for 
Refugees’ office inside the camp yesterday calling for official refugee 
status and sufficient food aid.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Burma’s gas export revenue increases

25 April 2012
(Mizzima) – Burma’s natural gas exports jumped to US$ 3.563 billion in 
fiscal year 2011-12. The total figure was up $640 million from $2.92 billion 
in 2009-10, local media reported on Tuesday.

Gov’t to buy back electricity from China to power Rangoon

25 April 2012
Rangoon (Mizzima) – The Burmese government is negotiating to buy back 
100 megawatts of electrical power sold to China to be used to provide 
more electricity in Rangoon Region.