Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Burmese embassy in Thailand appoints labour official

27 December 2011
Burmese embassy in Bangkok has appointed a labour affairs official to provide
assistance to migrant workers regarding workplace issues and rights, according 
to a government official. Labour Administration Department’s director Chit Shein, 
who was in Thailand last Friday with a delegation led by deputy labour minister 
Myint Thein, said the newly appointed official has already begun meeting with 
migrant worker groups in the country to study their situations.

Burma to see 50% hike in power fees

27 December 2011
Around 80 percent of Burmese struggle to access regular power (Reuters)
An announcement that electricity prices in Burma will rise 50 percent in 2012
has sparked alarm among small business-owners and families who claim the
government is seeking to profit on the exploitation of the country’s poorest.