Thursday, November 29, 2012

Police move in to disperse Latpadaung protesters

28 Nov 2012

A thousand police officers and security forces moved in on Wednesday 
to disperse protesters, including Buddhist monks, at the Latpadaung 
copper mine project.

While security forces beat their shields with batons and shouted threats, 
authorities gave orders via amplifiers for the protesters to vacate 
the sites around Latpadaung Mountain.

Chin National Front to hold second round of talks with gov’t

28 Nov 2012

The Chin National Front (CNF) is set to hold a second round of union-level 
peace talks with government representatives in December following 
the signing of a ceasefire earlier this year.

Police Disperse Mine Protesters

Burmese authorities overrun camps of anti-mine activists who refused 
an order to leave the site.

Security forces on Thursday sprayed inflammable chemicals and tear gas 
and used water cannons to disperse hundreds of villagers and activists 
protesting against a controversial China-backed copper mine in northern Burma,

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Copper mine protesters arrested and charged

28 Nov 2012

Burmese authorities have arrested and charged six activists who protested 
in Rangoon on Monday against the Latpadaung Mountain copper mining project, 
according to eyewitness Thiha Win Tin, a member of the All Burma 
Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU).

KNU chairman Tamla Baw resigns

28 Nov 2012

Gen Tamla Baw, the 93-year-old Chairman of the Karen National Union (KNU), 
has announced his resignation and retirement.

According to a KNU source, he made the announcement on Monday in a speech 
at the opening ceremony of the KNU’s 15th Congress which is currently being 
held in Hlaing Bwe Township in Karen State.

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AIPMC backs UN calls for Rohingya assistance

28 Nov 2012

The ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus (AIPMC) on Wednesday 
released a statement saying it welcomed the United Nations General Assembly 
(UNGA) resolution on human rights in Burma, and backed the UN’s calls 
for urgent action to be taken to ensure humanitarian aid is delivered 
to displaced peoples across the country.