Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Taungoo Township villagers scared of forced labor orders and forest fires lit by Burma Army

19 March 2012
Villagers living in the Tandaung Township, Taungoo District accuse 
Burma Army soldiers of demanding of them force labor and threatening 
their ability to earn a living. A villager (who security reasons is not named) 
told Karen News that Burma Army battalions under Division 66 ordered 
seven villagers from Kaw Thay Der to use their motorcycles to deliver 
army rations to Yaw Hsa Lo camp. 

Media Conference Held in Rangoon

19 March 2012
RANGOON — A media conference jointly organized by Burma's Ministry 
of Information and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural 
Organization (UNESCO) in partnership with International Media Support 
and Canal France International was held in Rangoon today to discuss 
media development in the country.

Major Thai garment companies moving to Burma

19 March 2012
(Mizzima) – Some of Thailand’s top garment companies will move 
their operations to Burma in the coming year. At least six leading 
garment manufacturers plan to set up shop to take advantage 
of lower wages by the second half of the year, according to 
an article in The Nation newspaper on Saturday. The companies 
would hire up to 3,000 workers, officials said. More than one dozen 
of Thailand’s largest garment manufacturers have moved to 
neighboring countries which offer a cheaper labour force.

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Indonesia looking at cement plant in Burma

19 March 2012
(Mizzima) – Because Burma imports cement, Indonesia's largest 
cement producer is looking at building a cement plant in the country, 
the Jakarta Post reported on Monday. “We see opportunities as 
Myanmar is in an infrastructure development process after recent 
political changes,” Semen Gresik's Director for Business Development 
and Strategy Erizal Bakar told the newspaper.

Myanmar lures Singapore Inc

20 March 2012
SINGAPORE - Singapore Inc is in hot pursuit of business opportunities 
in Myanmar, where a recent reform drive aims to lure more foreign 
direct investment. A long time ally to Myanmar's former military regime, 
Singapore is well placed to reap first-mover advantages vis-a-vis 
Western countries that maintain but are slowly lifting economic 
sanctions against the country. 

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