Monday, December 24, 2012

Myanmar-Kachin war escalates

23 Dec 2012

YANGON _ Fighting between ethnic Kachin rebels and the Myanmar army has intensified, 
causing increased hardship and fear at camps set up to shelter civilians fleeing the fighting, 
reports said Sunday.

Myanmar leader visits Indian grave of last king

23 Dec 2012

President Thein Sein on Saturday became the first of Myanmar's leaders 
to visit the tomb of his country's last king, who was exiled to India more than a century ago.

Yingluck ‘promised’ 3-month extension on migrant NV process, says minister

22 Dec 2012      

Myanmar's Labour Ministry has urged its Thai counterpart to extend nationality 
verification (NV) for migrant workers, claiming that Thailand’s Prime Minister 
Yingluck Shinawatra had promised it during her visit to the neighbouring country.

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TOP 10 Events in Burma 2012

22 Dec 2012        

As we awake on this the “Day after The End of Days” we see a bright new era 

stretched out in front of us. However, the festive season is also a time to reminisce 

and to look back on the year before. And what a year it was for Burma!

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Tourists Duped by ‘Waw’ Chair Service

22 Dec 2012

While the Golden Rock of Kyaiktiyo remains a tourist attraction to rival Rangoon’s 
illustrious Shwedagon Pagoda, this Buddhist pilgrimage site in Mon State has 
become a source of immense frustration for foreign tourists who complain 
of being ripped off and forced into an ethnically dubious practice.

Despite Ceasefire, Sexual Violence Continues in Shan State: Women’s Group

22 Dec 2012

For decades, mothers and daughters in Burma’s border areas have lived on high alert. 
While ethnic rebels in their homelands fought bloody wars with government troops, 
women of all ages were vulnerable to human rights abuses, including rape and other 
sexual violence, if caught by government soldiers.