Monday, December 10, 2012

MITU and International Trade Unions

MITU and Intermational Trade Unions

2012 Dec 9 MITU Statement- Eng

2012 Dec 9 MITU Statement- Eng

Myanmar migrant workers’ children in Thailand to be provided education

10 Dec 2012

Myanmar is trying to provide education for the children of its migrant workers in Thailand, 
according to Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security.

Malaysian firm wins drilling services contract in Burma

8 Dec 2012

Malaysian oil and gas service provider Scomi Group said on Friday that it has agreed 
a US $30 million contract with Thailand’s PTTEP International Ltd to provide its drilling 
fluids and engineering services in Burma.

Thai auto firm gears up for Burma

8 Dec 2012                             

Thailand’s TSL Auto Corporation, a luxury car importer, will open a showroom 

and service centre in Myanmar next month in preparation for the launch 

of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2016.

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UNDP confirms 3-year plan for rural Burma

8 Dec 2012

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is to implement a three-year 

new program in Burma providing US $144 million for various projects, many of 

which are scheduled to be initiated in rural and border areas, state-run media 

reported on Friday.

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International Buddhist leaders urge Burmese to show compassion for Rohingyas

8 Dec 2012

Seventeen Buddhist leaders from around the world—plus His Excellency the Dalai Lama 

in absentia—have issued a statement urging Buddhists in Burma to show mutual 

respect and compassion to Muslims in Rakhine State.

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Burma Govt apologizes to monks for Monywa violence

8 Dec 2012

Burma’s Religious Affairs Minister Myint Maung has apologized to senior Buddhist monks 
for the violent crackdown by police at the Monywa copper mine in Sagaing Division last week, 
saying the incident was a “great grief” to the authorities.