Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bangladeshi border guards conduct raids on illegal Rohingya

18 Jan 2013

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have arrested more than 85 Rohingya 
and deported them to Burma after conducting raids from Jan.15-16, 
according to one local who didn’t want their name used.

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Kachin civil society groups say Suu Kyi should condemn army abuses

18 Jan 2013

A coalition of 16 civil society groups issued a joint statement this week urging 
Aung San Suu Kyi and her fellow parliamentarians in the National League 
for Democracy to "raise their voices against the ongoing human rights abuses 
against the Kachin civilians”. The statement declared it was “their duty 
to protect every citizen of the Union”.

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Deloitte announces Burma venture

18 Jan 2013

London-based Deloitte, the largest of the “Big Four” professional services firms—ahead of 

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, and KPMG—has announced 

that it too will venture into the Burmese financial market.

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Foreign firms invited to bid for Burma’s onshore oil blocks

18 Jan 2013

Burma opened up a major portion of its onshore oil blocks for bids Thursday, 
a move likely to see a surge in interest from Western firms after the removal 
of sanctions against the once-pariah state.

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China reprimands Burma as shells cross border

18 Jan 2013

China's foreign ministry has called for a ceasefire in Burma’s Kachin State 

following the landing of a Burmese artillery shell on Chinese soil on Thursday.

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Pegu landmine clearance delayed due to KNU reshuffle

18 Jan 2013

The landmine clearance program in Pegu Region has been delayed 
due to the leadership reshuffle within the Karen National Union (KNU), 
said Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) Mine Action Programme Manager 
Aksel Steen-Nilsen.