Monday, January 28, 2013

Burma govt to sell affordable fertilizer to farmers

27 Jan 2013

Burma’s Ministry of Energy (MOE) has announced that it will distribute
 low-cost urea fertilizer produced by state-owned factories to farmers across Burma.

Is this the beginning of Burma’s Truth and Reconciliation process

27 Jan 2013       

(COMMENTARY) Burma has enjoyed more than 20 months of near euphoria 
and cautious hope as it emerges from 50 years of military dictatorship.

Rohingya Find Welcome in Thailand’s Conflict-hit Deep South

26 Jan 2013

PATTANI, Thailand The three conflict-ridden provinces of Thailand’s Deep South 
are not a popular destination for many visitors. A renewed and intensifying insurgency, 
which has killed more than 5,300 people since 2004, provides a daily
 diet of military check-points, assassinations and bombings.

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Myanmar bridles at US ethnic strife concerns

26 Jan 2013

Myanmar issued a rebuke to the United States embassy in Rangoon
 on Saturday after the US raised concerns over continued fighting 
between the army and ethnic rebels in the northern state of Kachin.

Myanmar army gains in Kachin

26 Jan 2013

YANGON - Myanmar's army has captured a key strategic outpost in an escalating 
conflict in northern Kachin state, rebels said on Saturday.

Suu Kyi 'could be president'

27 Jan 2013

HONOLULU, Hawaii - Myanmar opposition icon Aung San Suu Kyi has voiced 
confidence that the country's powerful military will support changes
 to the constitution that would allow her to become president.