Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dawei project – KNU to have a say in environment survey

7 May 2012
The Italian-Thai Development Company told Karen National Union leaders 
in a meeting on Saturday that, despite rumors to the contrary, ITD are 
not withdrawing from its plans to construct the Dawei deep-sea port and 
Dawei (Tavoy) Special Economic Zone.

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Burma-China pipelines bring benefits, complaints

7 May 2012
In Burma, workers are building one of the most lucrative foreign-funded 
development projects in the country’s history. Twin oil and gas pipelines 
will stretch from Burma’s west coast to its northeast border and into 
energy-hungry China. They are expected to earn Burma about $1 billion 
per year, but, not everyone is a supporter.

Take Note: Young Migrants Makes Waves with New Magazine

7 May 2012
MAE SOT, Thailand — Nay Satkyar Naing, 19, is like many of the Burmese 
youth in the Thai border town of Mae Sot who came for a chance to get a 
better education in the dozens of migrant schools offering free classes.

Farmers demand compensation for land

7 May 2012
Farmers in Mandalay’s Pyin Oo Lwin township, whose land was confiscated 
last year by the Bureau of Air Defence and High-Tech Concrete Co. Ltd, 
are preparing to take legal action against both bodies in an effort 
to recover their land.

Teenager seeks protection after deserting army

7 May 2012
A teenager, who was forcibly recruited by the military four years ago, 
is seeking protection from the International Labour Organisation’s liaison 
office in Rangoon after deserting the army.

2011 Labour Organization Law

2011 Labour Organization Law

2012 Labour Organization Rules

2012 Labour Organization Rules

2011 Oct 27 labour organization

2011 Oct 27 Labour Organization




2011 Farmland Bill(en)

2011 farmland Bill

2011 Farmland Bill

the settlement of Labour Dispute Law (English)

The Settlement of Labour Dispute Law (English)

the settlement of Labour Dispute Law (Burmese)

The Settlement of Labour Dispute Law (Burmese)