Thursday, November 03, 2011

2011 November 2 NCUB Condemns Gen Min Aung Hlaing on Ordering Use of Chemical Weapons in Kachin State, Urge...

Thai Floods Batter Burmese Migrants

1 November 2011
Some 1,000 Burmese factory workers have been laid off at the Thai-Burmese border 
after a shortage of materials due to floods in central Thailand forced 10 factories to 
close over the past week.

Thailand Floods: Straw that Broke the Broker's Back

2 November 2011
BANGKOK—“They are using the opportunity to exploit workers,” says Aung, slamming Thai 
immigration officials and Burmese brokers for extorting Burmese migrants fleeing Thailand's 
worst flooding for half-a-century. “I have never seen anything as bad as this,” he added.